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PERMANENT RESIDENCE prodictions Presents

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PERMANENT RESIDENCE prodictions Presents



co production
совместное производство

1) Sinopsys in English pp.2
2) Dream Cast pp.8
3) Promo Reel pp.12
5) Photos from Set pp.13
6) Film group BIO’S pp.16
7) Preliminary BUDJET pp.20

Family Membew2r

Logline: A Russian immigrant carer uncovers an unlikely love story among the WWII veterans of Brighton Beach USA
When the new owners of a prestigious literary magazine in the far away Belorussian town of Gomel decide to turn it into a cheap glamour mag, beautiful 35 year-old journalist, LYUBA, finds herself out of work and out of luck with a 14 year old daughter to feed. Desperate to find some sort of prospects for the future she turns to her friend, ALYA, who has managed to build a life in New York and now offers Lyuba a free flight and a fresh start.


To her own surprise Lyuba is approved for an American visa. When she arrives in the big apple she is met by Alya and her Turkish American husband, ALI, who explain to her that her best option is to take over Alya’s job as a caregiver for, ALEX, an elderly American war veteran living in a Brighton Beach care home. Though this isn’t the dream job Lyuba hoped for, she gratefully accepts.

Alya warns Lyuba her that she’ll be working illegally and should keep a low profile. She should especially avoid ARNOLD, a Polish-born psychiatrist who works at the home and is sure to get on her case. When Lyuba arrives at the care home on the Brighton Beach boardwalk with Alya the following day, she immediately feels a connection with Alex. She also picks up on Alya’s condescension towards him. She obviously sees him as a burden. Alya explains to Alex that Lyuba will be his new ‘companion’ and leaves Lyuba at her new post with a “family member” sticker pinned to her chest.

As Lyuba cares for Alex, she gradually uncovers aspects of his life. On his bedside table she finds an article with an interview that he gave. It turns out he is a war hero. His fighter plane B 17 was shot down in 1944 and he became a prisoner of war. He survived the Buchenwald concentration camp and even led his fellow inmates in a rebellion, meeting the liberating US army with gun in hand.

Lyuba spends her spare time at a local internet cafe from where she skypes her daughter back in Gomel and browses an American dating site. At the care home, she befriends CLAUDIA, a Russian-speaking Indian nurse who shows her the ropes and helps her get used to her new duties. Claudia finds out that Alex has his 95th birthday coming up and the task of organizing the festivities fall on Lyuba. Alex’s daughter is too busy to fly in from Boston, but begs the staff to do something special for her father. But Arnold, the resident psychiatrist is not keen on this idea. He argues that it would cause Alex undue stress. Instead, he busies himself with hitting on Lyuba and threatens to expose her illegal alien status if she does not warm to his advances. Despite this, Lyuba and Claudia do their best to throw together a birthday surprise. They settle for a violinist that they find online who promises an unforgettable performance delivered to your door. When a black Mercedes pulls up in front of the home on the morning of Alex’s birthday, Lyuba realizes that she had accidentally ordered a call girl.

Luckily the call girl does play the violin so Alex’s birthday surprise still goes as planned. As Alex hears the sounds of the violin his eyes fill with tears. On the television screen behind her, footage from Buchenwald appears. In Alex’s mind the past and present fuse into one moment and he suddenly sees the violinist naked. Back in Buchenwald a naked 13 year old Russian girl plays her violin in the snow. Her freezing fingers try to hold down the harsh strings till one of them bursts. Later Alex tells Lyuba, he never even new the girl’s name, but that didn’t stop him from falling in love. He believes they wouldn’t have sent her to the gas chamber. Her playing was too good for that. The following morning Arnold walks into Alex’s room to find Lyuba asleep on Alex’s bed, holding the old man’s hand. As Lyuba has been steadily rejecting Arnold’s advances, this is the perfect moment for him to get his revenge. The same day Lyuba is called into the office and her situation is exposed. She doesn’t even have a social security number. Lyuba is promptly asked to leave. Throwing one last glance at the care home, a bleak building on the empty beach, Lyuba notices Alex watching her from the window. He holds up his ipad, which reads: “Please call me someday”. Lyuba writes down Alex’s number.

Luckily Alya soon manages to hook Lyuba up with another caregiver job. This time Lyuba cares for Nadya (90), living by herself in a small Brighton Beach apartment. Lyuba enjoys her long walks down the boardwalk with Nadya. One day when Lyuba is looking through Nadya’s old things trying to find something for Leon, she comes across an old violin. Lyuba seeks out Vera’s childhood photo album and discovers her pictures from the war years. Could Vera be the violinist from Alex’s story!

Lyuba shares her suspicions with Alya, but Alya is sceptical and urges her not to mention anything to Nadya, worried that the shock of the idea might affect the old woman’s health. But Lyuba is now dead set on finding out the truth. With her journalist’s flare she begins a tireless investigation. She asks Nadya as many questions as possible about her youth. It turns out Nadya’s father was killed in 1939 by stalin’s NKVD. Her mother died soon afterwards from the shock. Nadya lived through the German blockade of the city where she buried her older sister and all her neighbors. Nadya recants tales of having to push away corpses when they went to collect water from the Neva River and how they planted cabbages at the foot of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in the spring. Vera got extra food because she worked at the hospital and was top of her class in German. One day she found herself on the front lines working as a translator. She was captured by The Nazi’s Germans and eventually sent to the camps- Lyuba thinking. Somehow Nadya survived the war. Lyuba doesn’t dare ask for more details but the old violin speaks for itself.

One night Lyuba comes across a wartime photo of a malnourished man lying naked in a giant bathtub, a Nazi doctor by his side. In the background she can see the faint contours of a woman being dragged in. The text beneath the photo reads: Nazi doctors discover the best method for defrosting frozen soldiers: a woman’s body. Lyuba is unable to sleep that night. She dials Alex’s number. In her broken English she tries to find out whether or not he had ever been the subject of Nazi medical experiments. He admits that he has. The girl placed next to him in the ice was the Russian violinist, his love. Lyuba is overwhelmed by her discovery. She stares at the elderly woman sleeping peacefully in her armchair and at the woman in the photo. Is it possible that this is her?

Lyuba meets SERGEI at a local bar and they begin dating. Sergei, too, is enthralled by the love story Lyuba recants. She gives him two photographs of Alex and Nadya and he does some research on his own in the New York Public Library. He finds evidence that Alex was liberated by American soldiers, but that the majority of the Russian prisoners were left in Buchenwald where a camp of the Soviet secret police (the NKVD) was promptly formed. When Lyuba ends up in Sergei’s apartment later that night he tells her about the 7000 Russian prisoners who were shot in that camp by the Soviets for allegedly betraying the motherland and the remaining Russian captives who were sent to the gulag. This is probably where the girl with the violin ended up, which explains the photo of Nadya dressed as a Soviet convict from GULAG. After all has been told, Sergei picks at a sad song on the guitar. Lyuba she finds herself in Sergei’s arms and falls asleep.

When Lyuba awakens she realizes she’s been gone too long from Nadya’s apartment and quickly runs back. When Lyuba arrives at Nadya’s house the door is open. She finds Nadya on the floor unconscious. She feels a faint pulse. She calls an ambulance. Nadya needs an urgent operation. As she’s carried away by the doctors she smiles faintly at Lyuba, but Lyuba is overcome by shame. There is no one to blame for this but herself.

As Lyuba and Nadya’s son, Leon, wait for news of Nadya in the hospital corridor, Leon tells Lyuba about how his mother had ended up at the front aged 16 by pretending to be older. How she had helped with the interrogations of Nazi prisoners and how once, after she had secretly passed one of the captives a piece of bread, a Soviet intelligence officer walked in and immediately shot him in the head. Leon tells Lyuba the story of how Nadya was captured by the Germans. How, after a brief stay in the German camps, she was then sentenced by the Soviets to 10 years in a Siberian prison camp Gulag. There she spent 8 years enduring rape and abuse until she was released in 1953, 6 months pregnant with Leon.
Unable to resist any longer Lyuba asks Leon which of the German camp his mother had been held in. Was it Buchenwald? Leon tells her that Nadya had never been (!) in Buchenwald. She passed through a nameless camp somewhere in Eastern Prussia before being sent to the Gulag. The violin that Lyuba had found was not hers but Leon’s. He had played it as a child. Lyuba is devastated. The elaborate story she had woven from the strands of clues and images that had given her so much hope was all wrong. Alex and Nadya had never been lovers. They had never even met. As the news sinks in, the doctors report that Nadya has miraculously survived her operation.

Lyuba finally decides that what happened all those years ago may not matter after all. Even though the wartime love story and the possibility of reuniting the star-crossed lovers may be nothing but a fantasy, she will introduce Alex and Nadya anyway. On a sunny day in Brighton Beach with Lyuba and Sergei’s help, Nadya and Alex finally meet. Two generations, two destinies, two worlds and only one life.
GGavrilov©2014 Library of Congress All Rights Reserved






CAST (whishlist):

Элина Авраамовна Быстрицкая Елена Соловей   Nadegda (FAITH):
(«Тихий Дон») («Обломов»)

MILITARY U.S. Air Force pilot ALEX: w5
DANNY AIELLO («Leon») Дэнни Айелоу («Леон»)







F. MURRAY ABRAHAM           Richard Marshall




Alla Kliouka-Shaffer (The Sopranos)


Alya – a frend from New York
Подруга Аллы из Нью-Йорка

Lyanka Griu


SERGEY – Russian American lawyer
СЕРГЕЙ – адвокат
RALF FAINNES                                             Stephen Baldwin


Александр РапопортPsychiatrist:                      Administrator: Jilia Raydler
Alexander Rapoport

w12 w13

SS Man: Ilya Slovesnik                            Pavel — The Son of Vera:   Oleg Vidov



КЛАВДИЯ медсестра: Klaudia Nurs: Klavdia Ramnareine


Girl vith violin: Natasha Romanova; Girl with violin : EHA


PROMO REEL for a FILM (version 5.0 «)
Ссылка на ролик тут (версия 5.0») :

{tut dolzhno bit video no ego net na youtube}


w19 w21 w22 w23 w24 w25



Elbe Day, w26April 25, 1945, is the day Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany, marking an important step toward the end of World War II in Europe. This contact between the Soviets, advancing from the East, and the Americans, advancing from the West, meant that the two powers had effectively cut Germany in two.
Elbe Day has never been an official holiday in any country, but in the years after 1945 the memory of this friendly encounter gained new significance in the context of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Георгий Гаврилов Режиссер
Film Director\ co-producer\ writer


Graduated from Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK ),
Moscow Theatre School ( Saratov ) and Riga Konservatory,
Georgiy Gavrilov – took more than 170 music videos for the most popular artists and musicians in Russia, including Ig. Krutoy, Lyme, Dm. Malikov, E. Kemerovsky, Allegrova stars WORLD: Mariah Carrey, Woo Tang Clan, Beres Hammond, Timbo, Rough Riders and DMX.
His works do not go on the screen of the American MTV .
The first film «Confession : A Chronicle of alienation» has received high awards at several prestigious international film festivals – Rom, Amien, Mangaim, San Francisco, New York.
Georgiy Gavrilov works in various genres, including science and popular documentaries, advertising, writing screenplays, is producing the movie.
Is the author of the film «Permanent Residence» about the life of Russian immigrants in New York and more .
Has extensive experience in the world – the United States, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Russia, etc.
Citizen of Russia, the USA, Italy (passports available )

1983-1988 Cinematography , Moscow
Directing Department (workshop NASSSR A.Zguridi )
1981-1983 Riga Conservatory . Jaz . Vitols , Riga Mast . A. Shapiro
1976-1981 Theatre School . Slonova
( Acting Drama Department) Mast . Lyadova — Galko
1.1970 . School of Fine Arts for Gifted Children at the Leningrad Academy of Arts

Filmography :
Director / Writer / Producer

2010-2013 year
• «Russian Angel», Permanent Residence, Heaven 11 USA
• » Agent» 8 series , RTR, RTR
• «Kiss in the head» , 90 min , NTV Studio Mostelefilm
• «Petrovich » NTV film company Version
* » Ghost» , NTV, 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* «Mother» , NTV, 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* » Bait » , NTV, 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* «Wolf» NTV , 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* «The Queen» , NTV, 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* » The Final Problem » , NTV, 90 minutes , studio » VERSION»
* «The Game» , Channel , 20 episodes series, studio » Dixie » ( dop.nazv.Chasy Fischer )
«Barbie and the Barber» ( n / m thin / film ) permanent production
«Svetlana» (n / m thin / TV movie ) First Channel
«Spy Games . PRIVATE VISIT » (n / m thin / TV movie ) NTV / relocate production
«Spy Games . Hunt for Black Wolf » (n / m thin / TV movie ) NTV / relocate production
«Spy Games . Trap for the Sage » (n / m thin / TV movie ) NTV / relocate production
» Buba » (n / m documentary about B.Sichkine ) First channel / permanent production
«Spy Games . ILLEGAL » (n / m thin / TV movie ) NTV / relocate production
» An American Tragedy . OUR » (n / m docudrama ) BIZZ Productions USA / First Channel
» Goat milk » — American bloc TV series 8 series (DISA film).
«RED Squares» (Relativity Film, USA) full meter . Danny Ayele , Artie Link Vinny Pastore and dr.zvezdami U.S.
» Permanent » 90 min. (TV feature film) The first channel -BIZZ Productions, Inc. USA
«BOBBY DIGITAL» 90 min. (n / m feature film ) BIZZ Productions, Inc. USA ( with the participation of platinum stars RZA, CoolGRap)
«Mushroom People» ( scenario n / m f- ma for the nth V.Pilevina ) permanent production
» Mechanic » (scenario n / m f- ma ) permanent production / Roskinoprokat in pr-ve
«Getting there» — ( scenario n / m f- ma ) relocate production,
«The EVILS » — the script ( with the participation of stars JAY-Z & FAMILY) Roc-a-Fella records
«Easy Shooter» — script nth f- ma permanent production
«Unknown Baryshnikov » (n / m documentary ) BIZZ Productions, USA
» The Passion According to Nabokov » (scenario n / m thin. Film ) BIZZ Productions, « THREE -T»
» Confession: Chronicles of Alienation » 95min (n / m feature film) Mosfilm . «Youth» T \ y cont . R.Bykova
«Temptations in Moscow» ( music video ) Eastlight Corp., Moscow
» The Clown » ( script ) «Three T — Studio» — scenario .
«Circle» ( short film , 25 » ) Studio fighting positions .
«This Mysterious Universe Man» ( Nuchno — papular film 45 » ) from the University and Scientific Film Center .

Awards :
2003 film «An American Tragedy. Our» Award – nomination «Taffy» – «Best Documentary»
1999 «Inheritance» (The Legacy) Award «Grammy») in the category «Best Hip Hop Video Clip»
1989 film «Ispoved.Hronika alienation»:
* Special Jury Prize at the Film Festival in Mannheim , Germany.
* Grand Prix International Film Festival , Amen , France
* International Film Festival , Pesaro , Venice, Rome, Italy
* Special Prize at the International Film Festival in San Francisco.

Алексей Панин Продюсер/арт-директор
ALEXEI PANIN Producer / Art director


He graduated from the Moscow Art School. 1985.
Since 1992 lives and works in New York. Restaurateur. Builder & developer of a network -4 restaurants «Anyway.»
2003-2006 Director of the Russian Film Week in New York .
2006- 2012 Co producer, Art director on music videos for the most popular artists and musicians in Russia, including Ig. Krutoi, Irina Allegrova US stars: Mariah Carey, Woo Tang Clan, Beres Hammond, Timbo, Rough Riders, DMX, 50 CENT.
Is the author of the film «Permanent Residance » ( Premiere –channel One in 2002 ) about the life of Russian immigrants in the United States .

Filmography :
«Barbie and the Barber» (film ) permanent production
«Svetlana» ( TV movie) Channel One/
«Spy Games. PRIVATE VISIT » (production designer / TV movie ) NTV / Permanent Residence / Motor Film production
«Spy Games. Hunt for Black Wolf» (n / m thin / TV movie ) ) NTV / Permanent Residence / Motor Film production
«Spy Games. Trap for the Sage» (n / m thin / TV movie ) ) NTV / Permanent Residence / Motor Film production
» Buba » (n / m documentary about B.Sichkine ) First channel / Permanent Residence

«Spy Games. ILLEGAL » (n / m thin / TV movie ) ) NTV / Permanent Residence / Motor Film production
» An American Tragedy. OUR’s » (n / m docudrama ) BIZZ Productions USA /
The channel One
«Goat with milk» – American bloc TV series 8 series (DISA film).
«RED Squares» (Relativity Film, USA) full meter. Danny Ayele, Artie Link Vinny
Pastore and dr.zvezdami U.S.
«Permanent Residence» 90 min. (TV feature film) The first channel – BIZZ Productions, Inc. USA
«BOBBY DIGITAL» 90 min. (n / m feature film ) BIZZ Productions, Inc. USA
(featuring platinum Stars Woo Tang Clan/ RZA, CoolGRap)


Сергей Беспалов Продюсер/Прокатчик
SERGEY BESPALOV Producer/Distribution LA USA


Aldamisa Entertainment, LLC is a Hollywood worldwide financing and production company with a focus on developing and creating progressive and competitive product for world wide cinemas. Through partnerships and subsidies, Aldamisa maintains a presence and interest in all facets of world media while providing the world’s best filmmakers the support and resources necessary to create the best movies in the world.
Aldamisa International, LLC is the worldwide sales and distribution arm of Aldamisa Entertainment.


15760 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1450
Encino, CA 91436 USA
Tel: +1.818.783.4084

Preliminary BUDJET
Family member
(Film \ TV mini serial)

Screenplay (сценарные затраты ) 20,000
Producer’s Unit (продюс. группа ) 27,500
Director (режиссер-пост.) 32,000
1 АD (2 режиссер) 10,000
PA’s (ассистенты на площадке) 5,000
Cast (актеры ) 70,000
Travel & Living (проезд перелеты) 22,000
Total Above The Line $186,500

Production Staff (художники постановщики) 33,350
Extras (массовка\эпизоды) 2,500
Catering (питание на площадке) 5,000
Set Operators (оператор) 11,000
Sets (достройка) 5,300
Props (исходящий реквизит) 7,750
Wardrobe (одежда) 7,000
Makeup & Hair Artist (грим) 2,500
Production Equipment (оборудование) 25,000
Locations & Studios (натура- интерьеры) 14,000
Special Effects (эффекты) 12,250
Film &Tapes (кассеты, х-драйвы, техника) 7.000
Tests (пробы) 750
Transportation (перевозки) 16,900
Location Unit (поиск обьектов) 1,850
Production Miscellaneous (дополнительно) 13,250
Total Below The Line $165,400

Post Production
Editing (монтаж) 27,500
Sound (звук\ озвучание\ запись\ сведение) 21,500
Music (музыка- права- запись) 23,000
Titles & Opticals (титры)
Laboratory (спец эфекты\цветокорекция, отцифровка) 3,500
Deliverables (рассылка) 2,000
Total — Post Production 77,500

Other Costs
Publicity (реклама) 13.000
Insurance (страховка) 5,000
Legal (юрист) 5,000
Miscellaneous (непредвиденные расходы) 23,500
Налоги 24,000
Total — Other Cost $70,500
Total Film Budget $500,000 Actors FEE’s on SAG minimum (back end pay)

Tel. 212- 380 15 06 (24/7), +1 917- 601 54 24? +7- 906 752 94 94 (Georgy Gavrilov)


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